Fraud Alert

Julphar would like to inform all potential job applicants of the risk of recruitment fraud

We consider recruitment fraud to be any recruitment activity which is not authorized by Julphar. Most fraud relates to fictitious employment opportunities or job offers with the intention of stealing personal information or money. This fraud is usually conducted using fake websites and email addresses by individuals posing as Julphar employees, or its agents.

 Julphar is responding to various recent phishing email recruitment scams that are spreading rapidly, especially targeting job seekers in India. The recruitment scam emails claim to be soliciting applications for job opportunities within Julphar.

 Following the provision of fictitious offer of employment, requests are made to obtain sensitive personal data, such as bank account information in addition to requesting payments for visa and job application processing fees.

Furthermore, the e-mails appear to be from the “” domain name, and provide documentation including offers of employment that may appear legitimate, but upon investigation it was revealed that the domains were concealed into appearing as legitimate Julphar domains. Julphar and its affiliates are not in any way linked to any job offers that are not made through its official channels shall not be liable for any of such offers.

 Julphar strongly advises not replying to unsolicited emails from unverifiable sources. If you were not expecting to receive such e-mails, you are invited with confirm with Julphar at the coordinates below.

 If you receive such e-mail, please report it as a phishing scam by forwarding the email message as an attachment to or by calling +971 7 246 1461

 NOTE: Julphar will never ask you to transfer money or pay to obtain any employment. If a company asks you to forward or wire money for any reasons, this is likely a phishing attempt and you should cease all communication immediately.